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  • Entries at the party should be physically submitted to the compo team (pendrive, USB HDD, floppy) before the deadline.
  • Remote entries are allowed but you will not receive the statue as we are not going to send it via post. In case of a remote submission, please email us ([email protected])ย an attachment or a link to a cloud service of your choice. There’s no separate deadline for remote entries. Just check out the “Timetable” page (not ready yet) โ€” and please don’t wait to the last minute ๐Ÿ™‚
  • We accept submissions as compressed archives (zip/7zip) only, with the following naming pattern:
    componame_nick/ (
  • Please include an info file with the details in the archive.
  • Please include a screenshot of your entry in the archive. This also applies to graphics and music competitions. Help the audience recognize your entry in the voting system!