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What is a demoparty?

A demoparty is a rally/meeting of people connected with the demoscene and all those who want to get acquainted with the subject, during which competitions are held – contests for the best productions in various categories.

Parties have been organized in Poland since 1991. Our team has worked at plenty of demoscene events in Poland and abroad. Xenium Party proudly continues the good traditions of Riverwash – a multiplatform party for everyone.

What is a demoscene?

It is an informal group of people who create with computers. The demoscene produces graphics, music and demos and intros – non-interactive, executable multimedia presentations generated by software in real time.

Demoscene productions are distributed for free and without license restrictions.

The Polish demoscene is officially a Polish cultural heritage, inscribed on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO decision of December 2021, thanks to the initiative of KS Chronicle of Polish Demoscene together with Art of Coding.

More about the demoscene: