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  • Maximum size: 80 x 500 (PC), 200 x 500 (Amiga)
  • PC ANSI: 16 ANSI colors only. Please do not use ICE colors and blink mode.
  • PETSCII: Just the standard Commodore font.
  • PETSCII: We are requesting a PRG or D64 file.
  • Animations are not allowed.
  • We do not require phases of work.
  • Please include a full-size screenshot.

If you do not specify the font, the fonts used will be:

  • PC ASCII (Block): Stefan Vogt’s BlockZone, 8×16.
  • PC ANSI: Stefan Vogt’s BlockZone, 8×16.
  • Amiga ASCII: DMG’s Amiga Topaz (1.3).
  • Amiga ANSI: DMG’s Amiga Topaz (1.3). WB 3.1 (‘ced’ mode) colors.

The works will be displayed in Sahli.