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  • Remote entries are allowed, see Participate → Submit your entry section.
  • We accept only new entries, not submitted or presented anywhere else (incl., but not limited to: parties, festivals, compos and social media). Xenium is the place to premiere your piece 🙂
  • No copy / no timbaland / no moroder.
  • We don’t accept entries (or any parts of) created using AI generative algorithms
  • One entry per person in each music and graphics compo.
  • Beamer and stream are setup natively to 50Hz. For the best reception, make effort to enable your entry to run in this framerate.
  • If you plan to provide entry for a platform from “Other” category below, let us know no later than Aug 27 by 23:59 to ensure the hardware is available at the party place. Standard delivery deadline still applies.
  • Your entry will be distributed after the party in the same package as it was delivered to our compo-team and presented during the compo.
  • All entries are going to be published not sooner than Sep 03. This way we allocate some time for authors to drive Internet premiere of their work.
  • We reserve the right to reject/remove any entries which do not follow the rules or are not demoscene related.
  • Use of other people’s images without their explicit consent is strictly forbidden! If the organizers have any doubts pertaining to the matter, such entry will be disqualified!
  • If your prod violates any Polish or international law, is considered offensive or inappropriate, we can disqualify it and exclude it from the post-party submission to demoscene archives.

Xenium’s theme this year: FOLK.

Compo machines

Our compomachines are listed below. If you are planning to use a different platform (not specified on our list), please contact us as soon as possible. You may be asked to bring your hardware with you.


  • A1200
  • 060/50
  • 128 MB RAM
  • OS 3.1

Commodore 64:

  • Original, non-modified C-64
  • 1541-II
  • Action Replay
  • New or old SID
  • 3 new SIDs — 8580 (additional SIDs are mapped to addresses $D420 and $D440)


  • ZX Spectrum 48k + AY
  • ZX Spectrum 128+2
  • Timex 2048 + AY (if required)


  • Atari 800XL
  • Ultimate (1 MB)
  • VBXE
  • stereo (dual pokey)
  • SIDE2


  • TBD (but expect top of the line)


  • Amiga 600, ROM 3.1, OS 3.1 + Furia 020
  • Atari 2600 + Composite MOD + Harmony Cart
  • Atari 800XL 64k + AVG CART
  • SEGA Genesis/Megadrive (NTSC/PAL), model I/II + Everdrive X3
  • NES (PAL/NTSC) + KrzysioCart
  • SNES PAL + Everdrive
  • Gamecube PAL + SD Media Launcher + Gameboy Player
  • Nintendo 64 + Evedrive 64
  • Nintendo Wii PAL Softmodded
  • PlayStation 2 Slim 77003 + Free MCBoot
  • Gameboy Classic/Color/Pocket + Everdrive GB
  • Gameboy Advance + EZFlash + Innovation TV Converter
  • Nintendo DS + AceKard
  • PSP 3004, FW 6.61 Softmodded
  • Toshiba Tecra 8200 (SoundBlaster OPL3) + FreeDOS 1.3